Dr. Marie-Claude Ergener

Licensed Psychologist


I am a Clinical Psychologist trained in the traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and Psychodynamic Approaches, with a specialty in Health Psychology. I am well versed in holistic and integrative therapies, such as stress and anxiety management, mindfulness techniques, visualizations, and meditation styles. These techniques, which I have learned from masters in Japan, India, Nepal and France, are effective in reducing the psychological and physiological impact of stress, anxiety and depression. In addition, they are great tools to help calm your mind, build resilience and self-awareness, and regulate your emotions. Combined with psychotherapy, these approaches help provide enduring practical skills to cope with the challenges that we all get to experience during our lifetime.

During my 30 years of experience, I have worked with people of all ages, from early childhood to the elderly, in school settings, academic institutions, hospitals, and the community at large. My expertise has evolved over these years, having drawn a deepening understanding of the range and diversity of issues that span our personal and professional lives. Within the trusting and collaborative therapeutic setting, I believe I can be the psychotherapist who can help you find creative and healthy solutions in the following areas:

  • young adulthood

  • marriage and relationships

  • parenting skills

  • transitional decisions and adjustments

  • worklife issues

  • health conditions

  • menopause

  • grief and bereavement

  • end-of-life concerns

Taking the first step toward getting help is often the most difficult. Please don't hesitate to contact me for a free initial phone consultation.

My Background

  • Licensed Psychologist in Florida and New Jersey

  • Ph.D. in Psychology from University of Miami

  • Internships

    • Miami Veterans Administration Medical Center

    • Jackson Memorial Hospital

    • Mailman Center for Child Development

  • Post Doctoral Training at The Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University, NJ

  • Women's Center of Monmouth County, Hazlet, NJ

  • Memberships

    • American Psychological Association

    • Florida Psychological Association

    • International Association of Near-Death Studies